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They would have had to pass Cabin 28, and while Bo later admitted to doing this, progress since 2013: Each photo is of a John or Jane Doe, Suspect, or Objects in an investigation.

A short drive down Keddie Resort Road and we were in the midst of a large number of cabins, most in disrepair and featuring ‘Condemned’ signs on the front door. We were a bit disappointed – and surprised – to find that cabin #28 is actually located right in the middle of a group of cabins, several of which seemed to be occupied.

Sheila Sharp — who discovered the victims of the Keddie Cabin 28 murders in moved several objects, including the TV and table, before taking this photo.

25/07/37 · KEDDIE (CBS13) — Investigators believe they may have found one of the weapons used in a 35-year-old murder mystery. Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood described what happened in Cabin 28 … What the 14-year-old girl discovered inside the modest four-room cabin instantly became one of the most macabre scenes remembered in modern American crime history and has come to be known as the gruesome Keddie murders.Inside Cabin 28 were the bodies of her mother, Glenna “Sue” Sharp, her teenage brother John, and his high school friend Cabin 28 and others in the small Keddie community were allowed to deteriorate in the years following the Keddie murders. It’s debated whether it was the murders themselves that led to less interest in renting in the once-busy area, or if it was the allegedly poor management of the cabins themselves that led to fewer people being willing to live there. 07/06/41 · He also mentioned the Keddie Cabin murders and how the unsolved case was particularly brutal and haunting. Also in 2008, an independent film chronicling the murders, titled Cabin 28, was released. The murders were examined again in a 2016 People Magazine Investigates documentary series that aired on the Investigation Discovery channel. Detalhes sobre o crime. Em 12 de abril de 1981, na cabana nº 28 do Keddie Resort em Keddie, Condado de Plumas, Califórnia, os corpos de três indivíduos foram descobertos.. Glenna Sue Sharp (36 anos) vivia nessa cabana desde Novembro de 1980, juntamente com seus cinco filhos. Na noite de 11 de abril de 1981, Sue estava com a filha, Tina (12 anos), os dois filhos mais jovens e um amigo deles

30/10/36 · Cabin 28 Murders - This is a five-part series. The Cabin 28 Murders, The Suspects Part I, Suspects II and Profiler's Initial Findings, Witness or Dream, Victim and Killer Speak From the Dead. Apr 8, 2018 - Crime scene photo. Rear of cabins 27 and 28. Sue's car, towed and impounded into evidence by PCSO prior to this image, would have been parked in this area. Johnny's bedrrom windows are seen lining the bottom right side of the cabin. 12/11/40 · Sue Sharp and her five children—John, 15, Sheila, 14, Tina, 12, Ricky, 10, and Greg, 5—moved from Quincy to Keddie and rented Cabin 28 five months before the murders. On the evening of April 11, 1981, Sue had given the okay for Ricky and Greg to have their friend, 12 … 07/06/41 · Keddie Cabin 28 Murders. Welcome David Craig McNarie! ("dmac" to his enemies.) Welcome! Keddie Cabin 28: What Happened? Keddie Cabin 28 Police Documents. Keddie Cabin 28 Crime Scene Photos. Things People Have Said Over the Years. The Keddie Cabin 28 Investigation. Suspect: Martin Smartt. Other Possible Keddie Suspects. General. 09/11/38 · On April 11th 1981, Sue Sharp and her family are enjoying their stay at Cabin 28 in the peaceful holiday resort of Keddie. But a day of fun at the remote getaway turns into a heart stopping nightmare as nightfall brings masked strangers to the Cabin. A brutal battle for survival leaves several members of the family dead and one missing. 20/04/41 · The Keddie Cabin Murders. The True Crime Times. The family settled into Cabin 28 at the Keddie resort. The Sharp family — Source: Times were tough for the Sharp family.

Based on one of the most infamous unsolved murder cases in American history, Photos. Cabin 28 (2017) Harriet Rees in Cabin 28 (2017) Cabin 28 (2017) Terri are enjoying their stay at Cabin 28 in the peaceful holiday resort of Keddie. 15 Jul 2019 Sue Sharp and her five children—John, 15, Sheila, 14, Tina, 12, Ricky, 10, and Greg, 5—moved from Quincy to Keddie and rented Cabin 28 five  4 Mar 2016 Known as the Keddie Cabin Murders, this horrific quadruple the internet rabbit hole of police and investigative reports, crime scene photos, and Sue Sharp and her five kids had rented cabin 28 at the Keddie resort, where  10 Jun 2001 Cabin #28 of the Keddie Resort -- chairs and bodies floating mid-air, The murders ruined this northern Sierra mountain resort, a 3205-foot-  6 Jul 2014 The Keddie Murders is an unsolved 1981 American quadruple murder that The murders took place in cabin 28, during the late evening of April 11, 1981 And when I just looked up pictures of it, it looked EXACTLY how I 

31 May 2012 Keddie Resort (Plumas County, California) But first there is Cabin #28 — dubbed “The Murder House” by locals — to contend with. At least I was happy to have gotten some pictures of the cabin before they tear it down.

25 Nov 2014 Here Andy is shown with his Mom and Dad and a photo of his The murders took place in Cabin 28 of the Keddie Resort during the late  About the Cabin 28 Keddie Murders Case: On the night of April 11-12, 1981, Glenna Sue Sharp and her kids, Tina and John, and John's friend, Dana Wingate, were brutally murdered inside Cabin 28 in Keddie, California. Surrounded by drug traffickers and sexual predators, dozens peripherally involved in the case had motive, if not opportunity. Tag: crime scene photos Keddie Cabin 28 Massacre In November of 1980, Glenna Sue Sharp (36), known as Sue, moved her family from a tiny, cramped trailer in Quincy, CA, to the comparably large, 3-bedroom cabin 28 in nearby Keddie. 22/02/38 · 5 Things to Know about the Keddie Cabin Murders — and the New Hunt for the Killers this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. 01/09/37 · The unsolved murders of four members of the Sharp Family in Keddie, California. Please Like and Subscribe to my Channel. Find me at: Twitter: https://twitter 04/09/36 · The Disturbing Murders at Keddie Cabin 28 | 7 Videos, Cabin 28 , Keddie Ca. in 2009.met with Sheila Sharp, surviving daughter, John Hancock, creator of the documentary, Keddie Murders Film and 25/05/40 · The slayings, which would soon become known as the Keddie Cabin Murders, were chilling enough. Yet the case is made all the more unsettling by the fact that it remains unsolved nearly four decades later, leading some to suspect a police cover-up. Glenna Sharp, who went by the name Sue, had been renting Cabin 28 in the tiny community of Keddie

22 Aug 2013 Interspersing new interviews with archival footage, police reports, and crime scene photos, this documentary leaves no stone unturned. You'll 

14 Mar 2017 The site of Cabin 28, where the Keddie murders occurred. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The following morning, Sue's oldest daughter Sheila 

Return to the Cabin 28 main page. Here are some excerpts of Martin Smartt's interview with the police shortly after the murders. The complete interview can be found here. In this portion of his interview, he is describing seeing an unusual man in the bar the night the murders took place.

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